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See the new trailer for 'Interstellar,' which is coming to film and IMAX two days early

Interstellar, the upcoming thriller from The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan, will hit select North American theaters two days early — but only on film, not digital, distributor Paramount Pictures announced today.

Nolan shot Interstellar on a combination of standard 35 mm film and 65 mm IMAX film, and the movie will switch between the aspect ratios of the former (2.40:1) and the latter (1.43:1) at various points throughout. Paramount will release the movie Nov. 5 in the U.S. and Canada in three different formats: true 70 mm IMAX, regular 70 mm film and typical 35 mm film. True IMAX offers nearly 10 times the resolution of standard projection, while 70 mm film delivers three times the resolution of traditional film. You can read more about Interstellar's projection formats on its website.

The advance screenings are fitting for a movie from Nolan, who is an avowed advocate of old-school celluloid — including IMAX — as opposed to digital projection and 3D. Tickets for the film versions of Interstellar are available to purchase through the movie's website and at the box offices of theaters that will be screening them.

Interstellar's wide theatrical release — which will be available in digital IMAX (known derisively as "LieMAX"), 4K digital and digital projection — is set for Nov. 7. In a futile effort to tide you over until then, you can watch the new trailer above to see more of the new worlds that Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway explore as they attempt to save the people they left behind on Earth. You can also check out the new IMAX poster for Interstellar below.

Interstellar IMAX poster 1280

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