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Watch a Video Games Live vocalist tackle Destiny's theme song

Destiny's theme song, "Hope for the Future," has been met with mixed reception since the game's release, despite its stellar composer combination of Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell and iconic singer-songwriter Paul McCartney. With Video Games Live vocalist Jillian Aversa, however, the song is getting a shakeup.

The performer and songwriter has lent her voice to video game franchises such as Halo, God of War and Civilization. For "Hope for the Future," Aversa dons several Destiny-themed costumes, attempts to "do something different by bringing in more atmospheric and electronic elements."

How does Destiny's theme song fare when sung by an award-winning vocalist? See for your self in the video above.

McCartney's single, "Hope for the Future," was created by the singer-songwriter as part of a creative outreach.

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