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Final Fantasy 13's PC port already modded to boost resolution beyond 720p

Final Fantasy 13's PC port has not been well received since its launch yesterday, due to its being locked to 1280 x 720 resolution, among other technical issues. Renowned PC modder Peter "Durante" Thorman, who crafted the GeDoSaTo toolset (which has unlocked enhanced graphics options for PC titles like Dark Souls), managed to create a version of the tools for Square Enix's RPG in mere hours after its release.

The pre-alpha GeDoSaTo tools for Final Fantasy 13 — which the application itself warns players "use at your own risk" — gives users a number of options for the game's resolution, anti-aliasing and other visual settings. However, it's not a perfect fix quite yet; a few non-interactive screens turn out a bit blurry when running with the mod, and the game's mini-map does not display at all. Hopefully those kinks can be worked out as development on GeDoSaTo continues.

You can check out the resolution improvement in the comparison video above, which features the original, 720p version of the game running alongside its 1080p GeDoSaTo counterpart.

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