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'The Last Unicorn' live-action film rights are up for grabs next year

The rights to a live-action adaptation of The Last Unicorn are currently owned by someone whose hold runs out early next year, it was revealed today today in a panel at New York Comic Con.

The live action rights are currently owned by German director Michael Pakleppa, who has had them since 1999.

According to producer Connor Cochran, he and fellow producer Lauren Sands are working to help author Peter S. Beagle get the rights back so Beagle can start work on the screenplay. Cochran said that Pakleppa believes he's the only person who can direct a live-action version of The Last Unicorn and refuses to give up the rights "because he is insane."

Pakleppa's rights expire this upcoming February. Unless a live action film enters principle photography before Feb. 1, 2015, the live-action Last Unicorn rights go back on the market. And according to Cochran, the team is in talks with "four or five other directors" in Hollywood regarding bringing The Last Unicorn to the screen once more.

Beagle also said that he would love to have actor Christopher Lee, who was previous slated for involvement in the live-action film version, involved in the project.

As for the recently-announced stage play — which will be produced by singer Fergie and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel — San Francisco-based Obscura Media is building out the show structure. The show will be a full-360 degree experience, in which actors and audience will be able to interact with the very walls of the theater.