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Here's how to enter Destiny's second secret area before its DLC launches

Earlier this week, YouTubers discovered a way into "The Terminus," an area set aside for Destiny's 2015 DLC expansion The House of Wolves. Now one has found a path into The Hypogeum, scene of The Dark Below, an expansion due to launch in December.

This video shows, step-by-step how to reach it (it's located on Mars). Again, getting to The Hypogeum involves a series of precise jumps along the walls. Like The Terminus, there's nothing to do once you arrive — not even collect dead ghosts, as none have been discovered.

A bug discovered in late September leaked a number of incoming story missions, strikes, raids and Crucible content for the two expansions, which were announced in August at Gamescom. Bungie then said that despite the video of the glitch the DLC was not yet finished, and said the activity names discovered were only that, and could change.

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