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DriveClub's developer considers compensation for players snagged by online woes

DriveClub's director has spent a lot of time on Twitter explaining and apologizing for the server difficulties that have plagued the game, even suggesting that early adopters of the game might receive some compensation for their troubles.

Director Paul Rustchynsky said Evolution Studios was confident the game wouldn't face the kind of online troubles it does now, citing the performance testing the studio did for DriveClub prior to launch.

The problem, however, is not server capacity, Rustchynksy said. "It's purely down to the server code having some bugs," he said.

DriveClub does have offline modes but its social and online features are meant to distinguish it as a racer. Those have been unavailable, or very difficult to access, since its launch. If players can get in, they should find no difficulties with online play, Evolution has said. But DriveClub has had to strictly ration access as the studio searches for a solution.

A player asked Rustchynsky if Evolution would offer some kind of make-good to those who are having trouble during DriveClub's launch. Rustchynsky did not rule it out ("We're considering all of our options right now," he said) but it remains to be seen whether that would be free DLC or something else.

The free PlayStation Plus edition of DriveClub has been delayed in light of the online woes, and Rustchynsky had no timetable of when that might launch.

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