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WWE 2K15 plans more than $50 worth of DLC

WWE 2K15 has DLC plans galore, and 2K Sports announced them today. The wrestling title will offer more than $50 worth of extras. A season pass gets most of it for $24.99.

A news release from 2K Sports didn't give specific release dates for the DLC, only that the rollouts will begin in late 2014 and carry through to early 2015. WWE 2K15 releases Oct. 28 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but is delayed until Nov. 18 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This is what 2K Sports has planned, in ascending order of cost:

• "The Accelerator" for $1.99, which unlocks all locked content in the game (except, of course, DLC)

• A New Moves Pack featuring more than 30 moves, including an alternate version of Bray Wyatt's finisher Sister Abigail and Cesaro's "Multiple Gut Wrenches." That's $3.99

• "NXT Arrival," which includes diva Emma, superstars JBL, Adam Rose and The Ascension tag team of Konnor and Victor. $6.99.

• WCW Pack, for $7.99, which offers the WCW superstars Fit Finlay, Lord Steven Regal, Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger.

• "Hall of Pain," for $9.99, which is focused on the top matches of Mark Henry. It includes Henry, Big Show, Kane, Jey and Jimmy Uso, Sheamus, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Ryback. Three arenas, 2011 SmackDown, 2011 Vengeance and Wrestlemania 29 are included.

• "One More Match": This deals with Randy Orton's rivalry with Christian in 2011, and includes both of those guys, plus Edge, Mark Henry and Sheamus, plus four arenas from 2011: SmackDown, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit and Capitol Punishment. This is $9.99 a la carte.

• "Path of the Warrior," also for $9.99, which highlights the career of the recently deceased hall of famer Ultimate Warrior. There's a ton of characters in this one: Ultimate Warrior himself, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Sgt. Slaughter, Honky Tonk Man, Ravishing Rick Rude, the Macho King (Randy Savage), Colonel Mustafa and Triple H in his Hunter Hearst Helmsley persona.

Additionally, managers The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, Bobby the Brain Heenan, Paul Bearer, Sherri, Sid Justice and General Adnan are unlocked, along with ring announcer Howard Finkel.

Finally, eight playable arenas are offered: Wrestlemania VI, VII and XII, SummerSlam 1988, 1990 and 1991, Madison Square Garden, and Saturday Night's Main Event XXIV.

• WWE Diva Paige is free, but you have to buy the $24.99 season pass to get her. The season pass delivers The Accelerator, "One More Match" "Hall of Pain" and "Path of the Warrior" but not the New Moves Pack, "NXT Arrival" or the WCW Pack.

WWE 2K15 already announced a pre-order tease — two playable versions of Sting, the icon who defined the old NWA/WCW but never appeared in the WWF/E during his active wrestling career.

For more on WWE 2K15, see Polygon's preview of the game's all new single-player career mode.

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