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Watch a Magic player win the geekiest $27,000 'lottery' of all time

Am I the only one skeptical of this video?

It's possible it was faked somehow, but I'd love for it to be real just because the story is so good. The 10 minute, drawn-out act of showing the audience what it was like to pull cards from a very old Alpha starter ends with an amazing discovery: a mint condition Black Lotus. You can skip ahead to see the reveal, but the anticipation of knowing it's coming is delicious.

If you know Magic you may be a bit skeptical as well, but for those who aren't aware of the card's history: The Black Lotus is one of the rarest and most sought-after cards in the history of the game, with a Black Lotus auctioned off for a jaw-dropping $27,000 in 2013. This is like setting up a webcam to show what it's like to scratch off lottery tickets and hitting the jackpot.

"The Black Lotus is part of MtG’s Power Nine, a set of nine cards printed during the early history of the game, and are considered to be the most powerful. The most valuable Black Lotus cards ever printed came from both the Alpha and Beta sets, with the Alpha cards being worth more due to its much more limited print, which is estimated to be only 1,100 copies," stated. "The Beta version of the card had around 3,300 copies printed."

I love his reaction: The shaking hands, putting the card carefully down so as not to wrinkle it. If he's acting, it's a damned fine job. "Holy BISH!" indeed.

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