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'Jurassic World' poster teases an opening where nothing could possibly go wrong

The upcoming Jurassic World movie has a new poster and tagline.

The foreboding grayscale image, which you can see below, includes a variation of the logo that appeared in the series' first movie in 1993. The text underneath announces that "the park is open." That sounds exciting except for the inconvenient truth that, when life finds a way, it tends to end in running, screaming and death.

Director Colin Trevorrow revealed Jurassic World's first poster in July. Like today's reveal, it harkened back to Steven Spielberg's original, featuring now-iconic elements like a too-smart-for-its-own-good velociraptor atop a wrecked Jeep.

Jurassic World is scheduled for a June 12, 2015 release. It will star Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation) and Judy Greer (Archer, Arrested Development).

Jurassic World poster

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