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Screaming, running evidence of Pewdiepie's popularity and why that matters

Globally, Maker Studios has more than 55,000 YouTube video creators in more than 100 countries, but one of them really stands out from the rest: Pewdiepie.

Before presenting a little visual evidence of Pewdiepie's astronomical popularity, Ynon Kreiz, executive chairman and CEO of Maker Studios, discussed Maker's methods and insight into the YouTube boom.

Everyday Maker gets 10,000 to 15,000 asking to join its network, of which the company picks about 100 a day, Kreiz told the gathering at this week's MIPCOM.

"Many of them start small and grow over time very fast," he said. "Some of them, quite a few of them mature and become global phenomenons.

"Many of our stars reach millions of people every time they put a video out. They have subscribers that are the size of countries. There are many, many examples."

But of course, there's one very obvious one: Pewdiepie, a Swedish "Let's Play" YouTuber who started out creating videos in his girlfriend's bedroom in Italy. Today he has 30 million subscribers, generating more than 450 million views a month.

The video below, Kreiz tells the audience, is what happens when Pewdiepie shows up at the Singapore airport unannounced.

"This is Pewdiepie," Kreiz said. "What makes our work exciting and interesting is that we are now reinventing a new medium. What we are doing has not been done before."

Kreiz goes on to talk about what he calls the nascent industry and where it's headed both in terms of monetization and its place in the world of entertainment. It's a fascinating video well worth watching.

"We are in the business of creating expression and then monetizing it," he said. "It's still behind television, but the growth is staggering."

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