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It takes nearly an hour to scroll through 10,000 holes in Desert Golfing [Correction]

Desert Golfing is a mobile game based on the hellish idea of hacking your way across a nearly endless sandtrap. It has 10,000 "holes" laid out on a continually scrolling 2-D landscape. Someone filmed the entire thing, and it takes 51 minutes to see them all.

Correction: Desert Golfing actually is limitless, theoretically going past 10,000 holes. This is just where the video's creator decided to stop. The developer advises not playing past 3,000 holes as the terrain goes flat, though that may be changed with a later update.

Desert Golfing is made by Captain Games, and if you're a masochist with an iOS, Android or Amazon device, it sounds like it's right up your alley. There is no restarting in Desert Golfing; once you're in, you can't replay any hole for a better score. It always picks up at the point of your last disaster. The panorama above gives you an idea of what you're up against if you're going the distance.

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