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Mario Kart in real life? It'll cost you $800

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best Wii U games, but wouldn't you love to get up to that kind of craziness in real life? Of course you would, and it will only cost you $800 or so, but you'll likely need to act fast.

"Available for sale this December, the XL will not be in stores nor advertised on TV ... with only 1600 being produced in this pilot run, the only places you can get a Crazy Cart XL are on and At this price point, the Crazy Cart XL is not a toy, it is a serious tool for drifting fun," the description under the video states.

The cart is designed around the idea of a 6'3" 250 lb. driver, so even those with huskier frames are welcome.

The trick to the crazy feats you see in the video is the fact that, while it looks like a normal go-kart, there is one single powered wheel under the steering column. It's designed to get you drifting, in perhaps the most extremely adorable way possible. Imagine a hamster slamming a Mt. Dew, and you begin to see the tone of this beast.

Go ahead and watch the video, because after the "$800 is a ton of money" thought comes the "I bet I can afford this, it looks awfully fun" thought. The only thing it's missing is the orange sparks.