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Legend of Zelda's Aonuma wants Link's motorcycle in more games

Eiji Aonuma, veteran director and producer on The Legend of Zelda franchise, wants to work Link's new Mario Kart 8 motorcycle into more of his games, according to a post on Miiverse.

Nintendo revealed the Master Cycle yesterday, a motorcycle tailored to suit upcoming challenger Link in Mario Kart 8's first downloadable content pack. The pack, slated to launch in November, includes Zelda's green-clad hero, cat-suit Princess Peach and tanooki Mario as a playable characters. Fittingly, the Master Cycle bears some resemblance to Link's longtime horse companion Epona; Nintendo also commented on how the bike packs "plenty of horse power."

This morning, Aonuma posted on Miiverse a few more details on the bike — "literally a horse of steel." The bike was designed to allow characters to make quick, sharp turns on courses and is a little bigger than other in-game cycles.

"The development team showed me how the Master Cycle races on the track, and I was overwhelmed by how great it looked," Aonuma wrote. "(It looked so cool that I also want it to appear in games I work on.)"

"So cool" that he wants to replace Epona with it in future games? Cool enough to derail and delay development on the Wii U Zelda title so they could add it? What do you think?

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