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Riot needs developers for non-League of Legends games (even if they're never released)

Riot Games is in the enviable position of not being forced to release a game after League of Legends, which continues to grow in popularity. They're still working on other projects, however, and a recent job listing offered a few tiny clues about what that could mean.

"We’ve mentioned developing games other than League of Legends in the past, but we’re not ready to announce, discuss, or launch any new games yet or anytime soon™. When we are, League of Legends players will be the first to know," an official blog post stated, describing a recent job listing for "R&D Developer." "These future games might be from large teams or smaller teams at Riot, but no matter the size of the team working on them, they will be the types of games that we all love to play."

Here's the thing, since they don't need to do anything but focus on League of Legends for the foreseeable future, they can pick and choose what other games to release or even finish. Which means this could be a job that goes on for a long time without shipping anything, it's all about the possibility of a new game. Riot has also been very public about the lack of need for a "sequel" to League of Legends.

"We’ve only got a few R&D projects going at a time, with a handful of people on each team," the post states. "We’re exploring some familiar genres and some experimental ones, but all of them are genres we expect core gamers love. We don’t know how many (if any) of these explorations will ever ship."

If you want to work for one of the most influential developers in the world and maybe not ever release anything, this is the job for you! "As an R&D team member, you’d ideate, explore, debate, and develop across game genres and concepts that’ll eventually help Riot Game become Riot Games," they explain.

"We’re looking for veteran developers and gamers from a wide variety of disciplines, so if you have a passion for the R&D phase of game development, expertise that can contribute to bringing a project to life, a high tolerance for setbacks and changing direction, then check out the gig, here: R&D JD."

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