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No one loves anything as much as this guy loves finding rare Magic cards

We ran a story about an individual who unwraps unopened, older Magic packs looking for rare cards and found a Black Lotus. I was a tiny bit skeptical about how the video was put together, but many readers contacted us to say that yes, the video was likely legit, and the gentleman in question has a long history of finding great cards in older packs and boosters.

Here are a few examples, and my sincere hope that you have something in your life that makes you as happy as this gentleman when he finds a rare card. For the first video, if you'd like to skip to the climax, start at 2:50.

That is quite the reaction to a good card, and I'm not going to cheapen the moment by likening it to another moment of human release that may sound similar. Here's one more, just for reference. If you don't want to sit through the whole thing, skip to 1:50.

Notice the slight quiver in the hands, the panting breath, the need to put the card down to keep from bending it. This is an individual who loves finding rare cards, and is able to make it an event whenever it happens.

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