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Half-Life 3 crowdfunding campaign will hire Gabe Newell doppelgangers to 'besiege' Valve HQ

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Fans of the Half-Life series have taken to crowdfunding website IndieGoGo in an attempt to reach $150,000 which will be used as incentive for Valve to finish development on Half-Life 3 by attempting to "besiege" Valve headquarters and hiring Gabe Newell doppelgangers.

The elaborate campaign is headed by marketing firm employees Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, who say their firm  McKee Wallwork & Co. is supporting their push to bring the game to life.

At the $3,000 tier, Salem and Mazzei will create a Google AdWord campaign targetting all 300 employees of Valve, which will read "we want Half-Life 3."

Once the $9,000 tier is reached, a truck with a giant billboard will "besiege" Valve headquarters in Washington with a similar message.

At the $45,000 tier, the pair will hire Gabe Newell look-a-likes to enter the Valve headquarters, all wearing "we want Half-Life 3" t-shirts.

Finally, at the $150,000 tier, a concert will be held in Seattle featuring "some of the biggest names in video game music" and invite Valve employees and fans.

You can check out a trailer for their campaign below:

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