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République Episode 3 launches for iOS on Oct. 23 as full series hits Android

The third episode of République — indie developer Camouflaj's episodic stealth action series — will launch on Oct. 23, the studio announced today.

Episode 3: Ones and Zeroes will launch for iOS through the iTunes App Store.

At the same time, the full available series — including Episode 1: Exordium and Episode 2: Metamorphosis — will launch for Android for the first time thanks to a partnership with Darkwind Media. These three episodes will be available through Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Episode 3 will be available for $4.99 and requires having purchased both previous episodes to play. During the new episode's launch week, Episode 1 will be reduced to $2.99 on both iOS and Android. Alternatively, players can purchase a season pass for $14.99 that grants access to all five episodes as they are available.

République is a five-episode series that tells the story of Hope, a woman born and raised in an isolated facility and subjected to mysterious experiments. Players must free Hope and navigate through a totalitarian territory while unraveling what's happening within the facility.

Episode 3 will focus on building a case against those who held Hope in the facility with the help from the editor-in-chief of the state's newspaper and her secret spy network. The episode will also introduce a new weapon — a crowd-control mine — as well as a new puzzle variation and new abilities to delay guards and pinpoint enemies on a map.

According to designer Ryan Payton, Ones and Zeroes is the longest episode in the series to date, coming in at over three hours.

For more details on République, check out our reviews of episode one and episode two.

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