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The safest way to store your info might be these self-destructing drives

Data security firm Secure Drives offers a major way to keep your information safe: The company is now offering an SSD hard drive that will perform a system wipe when compromised, and can physically destroy the disc within based on a destruction mechanism that can be triggered through an SMS "kill message."

This is just one of many possible ways to trigger the erasure of data held on the devices. Removing the drive from a PC, failing too many PIN prompts, a low battery level and even activating "tap-to-destroy" function on a touchscreen accessory can delete all data.

Likewise, the drives' built-in GSM access means that if the signal goes quiet for too long, the drive will be destroyed. According to Secure Drives, these Autothysis drives conform to over 100 country-specific data protection laws.

The Autothysis128s is priced at £967.00 (around $1,563) and can be paired up to a smartphone running the Autothysis partner app, available on both iOS and Android.

Meanwhile the Autothysis128t costs £1,027.00 (roughly $1,660) and comes bundled with a touchscreen "token," designed to work alongside your drive.

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