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Square makes it easier to turn Final Fantasy 15 into a bromance roadtrip

Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto isn't too keen on the recent crop of memes spawned by the Final Fantasy 15 Tokyo Game Show trailer depicting the game's four protagonists on what looks like a bro-tastic roadtrip. But director Hajime Tabata absolutely loves them.

During a livestream showcasing Final Fantasy 15 earlier today, Tabata said that he finds the photoshopped images of Noctis and friends riding through fast food drive-throughs hilarious. To encourage the Final Fantasy community to make more, Square Enix has released a set of high-quality assets designed to make adding in silly scenes easier.

The team also shared new footage of 15's real-time combat system, showing Noctis whipping around the battlefield (below gameplay courtesy of YouTube user Atelier Yehl). Tabata clarified that as of right now, players can only control Noctis, and noted that available attack options with change based on the situation.

A demo for Final Fantasy 15 will be available early next year following the release of Final Fantasy Type-0. The title is currently slated to launch at an unannounced date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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