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PS Vita gets themes today with firmware 3.30

PlayStation Vita owners can now deck out the handheld's interface with themes, once they update the device's firmware to version 3.30, which is available now.

Themes allow users to replace backgrounds for the PS Vita's Start and Home screens, customize system icons and change the background music. Generic themes called Crystal, Four Seasons and Stitching are now available from the PlayStation Store; some are free while others cost money. Sony says that PS Vita themes based on games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Tearaway are coming soon.

Sony announced last month that PS Vita and PlayStation 4 themes were on the way. Themes have been available on PlayStation 3 since November 2007, when Sony released the console's v2.0 firmware update.

PS Vita system software v3.30 also adds some other features to the system. Users can now view rarity information for PSN Trophies, add people to Calendar events even if they're not friends on PSN and send Calendar events via PSN messages or email. You can check out the full change log for the firmware update for more details.

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