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Sony advertises sale with font inspired by Xbox One exclusive ... whoops

Sunset Overdrive is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive from Insomniac Games with a very distinctive style. Everything from the characters to the font used in the game's logo is interesting and colorful, and the game's trailers have long poked fun at the staid design of many games. It looks like going in a different direction for your visuals was a good move, and others took note. Including Sony.

The idea that whoever designed the ad for Sony's sale just kind of stumbled across the Sunset Overdrive font and thought it looked the best is pretty funny. You can see the ad for yourself in the lead image of this article. The account also tweeted to a few people who were skeptical of the connection.

Another Twitter user expressed some skepticism about the font, and the official account responded. "That font is based on our original logo treatment and is named 'Overdrive Sunset Font," the tweet said. "So yeah..."

Sony didn't do anything wrong here, the font is freely available and it's unlikely that anyone is really going to care that it came from an Xbox One game. It's more the issue that the Sunset Overdrive account gets to poke a bit of fun at a competitor's console, and get themselves some free press in the process.

You can see, and use, the font yourself. There's a designer somewhere who is about to have a very awkward discussion with their boss.