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Papers, Please dev launches demo for nautical mystery game

Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope released a playable demo for his upcoming project Return of the Obra Dinn today, available for Windows PC systems.

Set in the year 1808, the first-person title tells the story of a merchant ship known as the Obra Dinn, thought to be lost at sea six years earlier. The ship, however, drifts back to port and leaves the player to board the vessel to piece together the events that took place.

The game demo is currently available from Pope's personal website. "This is a very early playable build," he warns. "There's not much content and it hasn't been tested. Progress is not saved."

We spoke with Pope about his latest project earlier this year. "People are constantly asking for a sequel to Papers, Please," Pope told Polygon. "People think I can make a game like this out of any kind of gate out there. Make one using TSA checking, or a bouncer at a club. But I've lost interest in Papers, Please. There's no fire there anymore. I couldn't make a sequel because my brain is not able to focus on that kind of project, at least right now."

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