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CEO: is not GamerGate

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Apparently beleaguered by a flood of global "threats and harsh words," the CEO of online game download service GamersGate pushed out a press release this morning to explain that they're not affiliated with hashtag movement GamerGate.

Calling the controversy "fierce and infected," CEO Theodore Bergqvist said that his company is not part of the "controversy whatsoever."

Announcement: GAMERSGATE.COM is NOT Gamergate!

As many of you are aware of, recently there has been a fierce and infected discussion about sexism as well as journalistic ethics in the gaming industry. We've received threats and harsh words from around the world and want to make it clear for everyone that is not part of this controversy whatsoever.

Next year celebrate our 10th anniversary and since start we have been selling games for download. We are one of the original download platforms and we do our best to support gamers so that they can buy and download games to good prices. Anytime, anywhere.

Theodore Bergqvist. CEO -

The GamerGate movement and Twitter hashtag is a social campaign defined by most supporters as a call to effect change in video game journalism and to defend the "gamer" identity. The movement is difficult to define because what it has come to represent has no central leadership or agreed-upon manifesto. The hashtag was first used by actor Adam Baldwin in August after intimate details of a personal relationship between a video game developer and a video game journalist were made public and led some to allege cronyism between press and developers. The campaign is now also linked to ongoing and well-established harassment of women in video games, including Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn, Sarkeesian and Giant Spacekat head Brianna Wu, though many of GamerGate's supporters deny the campaign should be blamed for harassment.

GamersGate (with an s), is a digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games with a catalog available for download of more than 6,000 titles.