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This blown-up Star Wars action figure will make you feel kid-sized

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Admiral Ackbar could be headed to a desk near you, thank to toymaker Gentile Giant, which is preparing to release a 12.5-inch "jumbo" figure next year.

The 1:6 scale model is inspired by Kenner's original Star Wars action figure, which Gentile Giant digitally scanned to produce the Ackbar's upcoming incarnation. Scheduled for a Q3 2015 release, you can pre-order him for $80. That price will also include a "Return of the Jedi-inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork" and a resealable plastic clamshell case.

The amphibious Mon Calamari rose to fame as a Rebel Alliance leader in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. A younger Captain Ackbar also appeared in the third season of The Clone Wars animated series. You may also recognize him from his signature "It's a trap!" phrase, which became a meme. For more on the future of the Star Wars franchise, be sure to catch up on the cast of the next film.

admiral ackbar