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Dark Souls 2 not hard enough? Try this first-person mod

If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Sure, Dark Souls 2 is tough and all, but what I really want is a way to trick it into believing it's a first-person shooter," then there's a mod just for you.

The Dark Souls 2 first-person mod turns From Software's action role-playing game into … an FPRPG? As demonstrated by YouTube user Benzoin-Gum, it lets players freeze the camera in its zoomed state. There's a list of known issues with the mod, Benzoin-Gum admits, but the YouTuber believes the entire game should be playable.

"simply freeze the camera zoom value, equip a bow/binoculars and zoom in," Benzoin-Gum wrote. "the camera will stay zoomed, allowing you to roam drangleic in first person. triggering a load screen (and possibly cutscene) will reset the camera, simply perform the above steps again. may not work for windows 8 users or those with an outdated copy of the game."

Press play above to see the mod in motion. If you want to try it yourself, you can download a file available in the YouTube video's description. You'll also need to install Cheat Engine, open-source software that helps users modify games. Using it online, however, could result in you getting banned.

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