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Your Pokémon dreams of sleeping on a Snorlax can be real

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Pokémon fans who often wonder what it would be like to drift to sleep on a Snorlax's stomach can now make their dreams come true — for a couple hundred dollars.

Seoul-based Etsy user Catherine Kim sells customized characters beds in her online shop, using a teaser pic of a Snorlax paw as the display photo. While it looks like this particular Snorlax bed has been sold, Kim writes that she will create bed shapes to buyers' specifications — all they have to do is buy loose cotton and stuff the bodies themselves to desired firmness.

Alternatively, the 33-pound Pikachu bed pictured below is available for 39,800 yen (about $371 USD) from Japanese online store Mercari. We're not sure how big Pikachus tend to get in the wild, but if you like the idea of snoozing on top of a giant one, then you might want to put it on your Christmas list.

Also, it looks like it could fit a full-sized adult. Just saying.

pikachu bed

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