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The Tomorrow Children's beautiful, broken world is coming together

Developer Q-Games has been relatively quiet about its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children since Gamescom, but a trio of new videos and smattering of details on the European PlayStation Blog today have shed more light on the title.

The Tomorrow Children is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia themed to resemble the Soviet Union. The story follows the aftermath of a failed experiment to unite all human consciousness. In this sandbox-style adventure, players will rebuild civilization in the Void — all that's left of the world — and mine materials for survival, all while holding off giant, otherworldly monsters that threaten to destroy what's left of humanity.

According to a post by president and executive producer Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games is incorporating cinematography principles into its design for The Tomorrow Children, choosing to stray away from straight CG pictures in an effort to bring more realism into the game. The video above shows an example of this, a time-lapse of the game's inhabitants building a structure as the light changes from day to night. Cuthbert writes that this "color grading" process has been borrowed from film, and that video games have several advantages over movies in using it, including using a larger range of dynamic colors.

Q-Games also cooked up their own rendering method called "cascaded voxel cone ray tracing," which allows all pixels on screen to more easily "bounce" light and appear more true-to-life. A second video (in the above playlist) shows this works and offers a quick peek at combat in The Tomorrow Children, and a third video shows how this lighting coupled with unique geometry works for in-game materials.

The Tomorrow Children is currently in development with no launch date at this time.

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