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Scrolls should launch by the end of November, says Mojang

Scrolls, known to some as "Mojang's other game," appears ready to come out of its open beta by the end of November, the studio told Touch Arcade.

The timing doesn't have anything to do with Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang — and therefore Scrolls (and a game called Minecraft). That transaction has yet to be completed though both parties expect it to close by the end of the year. But it does resolve a piece of unfinished busness going back to 2011. Scrolls has been in open beta since the late spring.

Mojang's Owen Hill didn't supply a specific release date, but said it should arrive by late November. "But we're not going to release it until it's ready, if you know what I mean," he said.

Scrolls is a collectible card game in which players assemble decks of combat units, spells and support items for use against other players. It also involves turn-based positioning on a hexagonal battlefield map.

Mojang recently slashed the asking price for Scrolls on tablets down to $5, to make it consistent with price points for that type of game on that type of platform. It has yet to launch on mobile platforms.

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