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Far Cry 4 showcases avalanches and gladiator combat at high altitude

Ubisoft's travelogue series for Far Cry 4 continues with this look at its upland territory. It's got postcard-quality scenery and horrifying bloodsport.

It looks like a major pastime will be stabbing and machine-gunning ferocious wildlife and hapless schmucks in modern-day gladiator combat. (Check out that Success Kid fist pump at 1:03.)

Then it's on to the Throat of the Wor— I mean, Himalayas. I didn't see any avalanches in Skyrim, however, and it looks like you may bury foes with a well placed shot at a snow ledge just ready to tip over.

For more on Far Cry 4see Polygon's impressions after a four-hour play session earlier this month.

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