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DriveClub rolls another update but says more are needed to fix the game

DriveClub, the beleaguered multiplayer racer that launched three weeks ago for PlayStation 4, is promising another round of server updates to resolve online problems that have kept much of the game inaccessible to players.

Evolution Studios says more work is needed but the update rolling out this weekend "will improve online performance across the game and it also brings specific improvements for multiplayer racing and leaderboard updates."

That said, "we still have more work to do to get everything back on track before we can give you any bigger or better news. We will keep you up to speed."

There still is no word on when the version promised to PlayStation Plus subscribers will be deployed.

DriveClub has staggered through a disastrous debut, blaming the game's online problems on bugs in the netcode, not a lack of server support. Polygon currently rates DriveClub a 5, largely on account of the broken promises in its distinguishing online features.

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