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See all of PS4 firmware 2.0's features in this video

Sony will release PlayStation 4 system software update 2.0 tomorrow, Oct. 28, and the company published a video overview today to give PS4 owners a glimpse at everything the update contains.

Codenamed "Masamune," the firmware update will bring a number of features to the console that fans have been requesting for months, such as YouTube integration, and new elements like Share Play, which gives players an hourlong invite for a friend to play co-op with them or take over their game — even if the other person doesn't own the game in question.

System software update 2.0 will introduce the ability to customize the PS4 interface, either with one of eight new color schemes built into the system or with themes downloaded from the PlayStation Store. It will also add a USB Music Player to the dashboard whenever the console detects that USB storage is plugged in; players will be able to listen to audio from the device while playing games. And users will now have the option of uploading video clips to YouTube as well as Facebook.

Masamune also includes minor tweaks and improvements to the PS4 experience, such as a revised game invite screen, a redesigned Content Area, the ability to pause and resume downloads, and a variety of enhancements to creating and watching live broadcasts.

Alongside PS4 update 2.0, Sony is releasing system software update 3.35 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV tonight. That update will bring four-player Remote Play support and the Live from PlayStation app to PlayStation TV. The company is also updating the PlayStation App on Android and iOS to v2.0 with a new home screen.

For all the details on Masamune, check out the video above.

Update: Sony confirmed to VideoGamer that Share Play resolution is capped at 720p on the guest's PS4, and that it will scale up and down depending on bandwidth (just as if the person were watching streaming video). According to VideoGamer, Sony did not specify a frame rate limit, but "the cap appears to be 30 [frames per second]."

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