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Wasteland 2's cloth map reminds us of the glory days of PC gaming

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Last week backers of the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter finally began receiving their physical rewards, including a limited edition cloth map.

In the fiction of Wasteland 2, it's approximately 100 years since an apocalyptic nuclear event killed off much of humanity. The game takes place in Arizona, where a group known as the Desert Rangers works to protect the innocent from violent clans of bandits, robotic killing machines and the beasts that live in between.


The cloth map is based on an old, faded map of Arizona. In the lower left is a Desert Ranger badge and the name Joshua, presumably the ranger who owned this map previously. It's stained with dirt and blood and the whole thing looks like it's been in a soldier's pocket for a generation. Scrawled on the map are key locations from the game, including the Ranger Center, the Ag Center and Highpool.


Backers at the $50 tier received the map, along with a 100 page manual and a physical copy of the game, inside a Wastland 2 box. Not marked for retail sale, the box has an inscription on the back, thanking everyone who contributed to making the game.

"It's all thanks to you, the backers," Brian Fargo writes. "For two decades the idea of returning to post-apocalyptic Arizona in a classic RPG seemed like an impossible dream, but through the magic of crowd-funding that dream is now a reality."


While you can purchase Wasteland 2-themed t-shirts from InExile's online store, there's no place to buy this cloth map right now.

These pictures are from my own, personal copy of the game which I backed at the $50 tier. If you've got pictures of the rest of the goodies that were sent out, especially at higher tiers, please feel free to share them below.

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