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Xbox One Domino's Pizza app reportedly on its way (updated)

Remember that Xbox 360 app that let you order Pizza Hut direct from your Xbox 360? According to online reports, Microsoft is planning an Xbox One pizza delivery app ... with Domino's.

According to The Sunday Times, the Kinect-optimized app will merely require users to say, "Domino's, feed me!" before making the appropriate base and topping selections. The report says that an announcement will be made next month. Polygon has contacted Microsoft for comment.

Last year, Microsoft and Pizza Hut partnered up to launch an app for Xbox Live that allowed users to order from the chain's menu directly through their Xbox 360. In its first four months, the app accounted for a claimed $1 million in sales.

Update: Microsoft confirmed that a pizza app is on the way, but only for the UK market. "We're excited to bring the Domino's Pizza app to Xbox One in the UK later this year. Xbox One apps, just like our games, look and feel amazing and we love that developers take the time to put their full passion into everything they create for Xbox. We're continuing to work with our partners to deliver rich experiences and we'll share more details soon."