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Bungie makes Destiny's final Vault of Glass boss even harder

Destiny's latest patch, released today by developer Bungie, makes it tougher to take down the final boss of the raid — both for people who are trying to do it fair and square and for those who are using an exploit.

Bungie previously announced its intention to fix what it referred to as a "bug" with the Atheon battle at the end of the Vault of Glass, the sole raid currently available in Destiny: the ability for players to defeat Atheon simply by knocking him off his platform. Patch introduces "baby bumpers" to prevent that from happening.

According to the patch notes, this update also changes the way the boss battle proceeds. Until now, Atheon periodically teleported the three players who were the farthest away from him through a portal. From this point forward, Atheon will choose three targets at random, similar to the way the Templar randomly encases three people in bubble shields during that boss fight.

In addition, Bungie fixed some bugs with players being booted to orbit and kicked all the way out to the login screen. Future tweaks include an increase in the number of bounties that players can carry — the current limit is five — and further tuning for Exotic weapons.

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