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'Xbox Laptop' modder stuffs a 360 and Xbox One into the same console

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The guy who made the Xbook and the PlayBook "laptops" that take Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming on the go may have outdone himself. The "Xbook Duo" at last unites the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 in the same console.

This is a proof of concept only. Master modder Ed Zarick is, alas, not making these for other people, even for the rather strong price he asks for the Xbook and PlayBook. Zarick shows his work in this video, but it's not really a how-to, and imitators should know that the case is 3D-printed. Still, it's possible.

The unit swaps between Xbox 360 and Xbox One with the flip of a switch. What that's really doing is turning the single internal power supply from Xbox One to Xbox 360. It also requires two different controllers, so the Xbook Duo is not true backward compatibility, nor is it really hot-swappable. But it is both platforms under the same roof, with a Vizio 1080p LED LCD monitor. And, yes, it has HDMI output for play on larger monitors.

The Xbook Duo features the slot-loading Xbox One drive on the right side, and the Xbox 360 tray on the left. Both consoles' capacitive buttons are accessible from the top of the unit. Check out the guts below.

xbook duo guts

"You now play both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on one Xbook, with this system," Zarick proudly announces. "Because why not." Why not indeed.