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The Banner Saga is now out on iOS

Indie developer Stoic's strategy role-playing game The Banner Saga is now out on iOS, the studio announced.

The Banner Saga costs $9.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The mobile version also uses touch controls tailored to suit these devices.

"Since our earliest prototype, we designed The Banner Saga from the ground up with tablet and mobile devices in mind," said technical director John Watson in a press statement. "With its epic storyline, touch screen turn based strategic combat and hand painted landscapes that harken back to the golden age of animation, we are excited to now bring The Banner Saga to a whole new community of players."

Kickstarter-funded The Banner Saga first launched for PC earlier this year. The single-player story is a Viking saga, with players controlling their group of characters across perilous landscapes and navigating them through tricky conversations. Dialogue, action and combat choices determine the story's outcome.

"What the Stoic guys have done is taken this beautifully crafted PC game and tuned it for mobile so that tilting the device allows you to get the parallax effect, zoom in and out of travel sequences and even get up close to the action during battle," added Steve Escalante, general manager of publisher Versus Evil. "It's the same game that everyone loves, but tweaked for a deep mobile experience."

For more details on The Banner Saga, check out our review.

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