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Warlords of Draenor's new dungeons will take you to volcanic caverns and more

Blizzard's upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will include eight new dungeons for players to explore, the details of which are now available on the game's site.

The dungeons are separated into two categories: dungeons to help you level, and dungeons to tackle at max level. Players levels 92-94 will be able to build their skills in the Bloodmaul Slag Mines or Iron Docks, while those level 94-97 can try Auchindoun. At level 97-99, the Skyreach dungeon is available.

Each dungeon features four bosses. The Mines are based in volcanic caverns located in the Frostfire Ridge, while the Iron Docks, located in Gorgrond, are set in the Iron Horde's shipyard. Auchindoun, located in Talador, is a holy mausoleum of the Draenei. Skyreach, meanwhile, is a dungeon "amid the clouds" in the Spires of Arak.

The game's max-level dungeons include the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, The Everbloom, Grimrail Depot and Upper Blackrock Spire. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, located in Shadowmoon Valley, includes four bosses for players to tackle. In The Everbloom, located in a forest of Gorgrond, players will face five bosses. Grimrail Depot is also located in Gorgrond and includes three bosses.

Upper Blackrock Spire in Blackrock Mountain typically includes five bosses. However, it will be available to players at level 90 with three main foes to tackle as part of the pre-expansion version of the dungeon. For more information on the upcoming World of Warcraft dungeons, check out the full post.

Warlords of Draenor, an expansion that its creators say could break certain elements of the game at first, launches Nov. 13.

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