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Mistwalker announces Terra Battle launch date, releases bizarre 'behind-the-scenes' video

Terra Battle, an upcoming role-playing game from Hironobu Sakaguchi studio Mistwalker, will launch globally for iOS and Android devices Oct. 9, the company announced today.

In Terra Battle, players engage in touch-based tactical battles. The game includes a roster of more than 150 characters to choose from, and in battle, players move warriors around a grid in an effort to sandwich and attack enemies. Some foes will pose different threats or have unique skills that make them more difficult to kill.

Terra Battle will use a Kickstarter-inspired system called a "Download Starter" to add additional content; as more people download it, Mistwalker will add new characters, music and more from former Final Fantasy developers and more. At the 2 million mark, Mistwalker will begin development on a console version, which Sakaguchi told Polygon won't just be a port.

The game will be available for free with in-app purchases. Watch the developer's "behind-the-scenes" video of a previous trailer below.

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