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The Swindle, a stealth-action adventure from Big Five, is back from the dead

The Swindle from Size Five Games is a procedurally generated steampunk-themed 2D action game about breaking into buildings, hacking systems, stealing cash, and running away.

Developed by the maker of Gun Monkeys and the BAFTA-winning Privates, it's tentatively penciled in for release in spring 2015, with platforms yet to be decided. Developer Dan Marshall had actually announced and then cancelled The Swindle in 2013, but decided to take another swing this year.

"I think of The Swindle as a stealth game for the rest of us," said Marshall in an email interview with Polygon. "I'm tired of games making me sneak up behind people and hoping they don't turn around.

"This is much more a case of being spotted is an inevitability rather than a fail state. Once you're seen, the game changes from this sneaky stealth kind of game to a race against the clock action game, where you're just trying to stuff as much cash as you can into your pockets before the police turn up. "

Players send thieves into buildings, who then avoid detection, slay guards and steal goodies. Marshall said the game has heavy role-playing elements, such as earned upgrades (which remain, even after permadeath), rather than random perks. "When I first announced The Swindle, I described it as 'Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with Deus Ex' which still kind of holds true," added Marshall. "But because of the procedural generation the new version feels more like 'Spelunky crossed with Deus Ex'."

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