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Robot toy car company looks to Skylanders, EA as it adds more game to its tracks

Anki, the company behind real-world, toy battle-car racing game Anki Drive, is bringing on the former creative director of Skylanders and an Electronic Arts former VP of marketing to work to make their high-tech racetrack more fun.

Joby Otero, former creative director for Skylanders, will join the company as its chief creative officer and Craig Rechenmacher, former Electronic Arts VP of marketing and business development, will join as its chief marketing officer, the company announced today.

Anki Drive features computer-powered, and sometimes computer-controlled, toy cars that can either be raced around a track by a player or driven by an AI. The toys also include virtual weapons used to spice up the races.

The new hires will be ushering in changes that include adding new character and story developments and "richer gameplay environments."

"Anki Drive delivers an intense racing videogame experience in the real world as players battle against their friends and robot racers," said Boris Sofman, Anki founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "Only with the power of  robotics can we help usher in a new way of interactive play, one that exists in both the physical and virtual world. The team of videogame veterans we've assembled at Anki will help usher in richer gameplay environments, new character and story developments, and unique gameplay features that will only make the Anki Drive experience that much more exciting and unique."

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