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Fear-tracking video game seeks funding for consoles, Oculus Rift

Neverminda game that virtually drops a player into the terrors of a trauma patient and uses the player's heart rate to tweak the difficulty, didn't quite hit its Kickstarter goals at the beginning of the year.

Fortunately, developer Erin Reynolds project was picked-up by Intel, which is now fully-funding a version which will use the company's RealSense Camera to monitor heart rate and feed it to the game. But Reynolds still wants to bring her alternative game to the broadest audience possible, so she launched a second Kickstarter campaign earlier this month.

This one seeks funding to bring the title to the Xbox One, Oculus Rift and to add in "many more sensors" and perhaps a few more levels. As off today the team is about half-way to their $75,000 goal with three days to go.


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