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Sega brings Valkyria Chronicles to PC on Nov. 11

Sega's PlayStation 3 role-playing game Valkyria Chronicles will make its way to Windows PC on Nov. 11, the company confirmed today. The game will be available for download for $19.99 — £14.99/€19.99 in the U.K. and Europe — through digital services like Steam.

The PC release will contain the downloadable content released for the PS3 version of Valkyria Chronicles, including the Hard EX Mode, Edy's Mission "Enter the Edy Detachment," Selveria's Mission "Behind Her Blue Flame" and Challenge of the Edy Detachment.

Valkyria Chronicles takes place in a fictional version of 1930s Europe, where players fight to save the country of Gallia from a group known as the Empire. The critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles was originally released for PS3 in 2008. Sequels were released for PlayStation Portable in 2010 and 2011, though the third game in the series was only released in Japan.

The Windows PC version of Valkyria Chronicles is currently available for pre-order through Steam at a 10 percent discount.

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