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Brutally honest trailer hails Destiny as 'the year's hottest 7 out of 10'

Over the past year, Smosh Games has roasted some video gaming's biggest names with its "Honest Trailer" series, so Bungie and Destiny must have known this was coming. And they're just gonna have to sit up there on the dais and smile and take it.

Get ready for the year's Hottest 7 out of 10! Smosh goes HAM on Destiny's underwhelming reviews, byzantine loot system and phoned-in expository dialogue, but makes zero mention of the Loot Cave phenomenon. Even if it's been patched out, you have to think that's a missed opportunity.

Ultimately, yes, everyone is "bitching and moaning about a game they still can't stop playing." Give it to Smosh Games, like a skilled roaster, they know how to punch up even when they'd seem to be punching down. For more of their work, which spans Pokémon, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and many more, this link has their 18-episode series so far.

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