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7 Minutes of the GameCube's weirdest secrets

Did You Know Gaming has just released a new video explaining the weirdest and most interesting facts about Nintendo's GameCube. Like this gem: in order to win a console, Nintendo held a promotion called "what would you do for a GameCube?" and had five poor souls compete in bizarre stunts for a free console.

One guy actually shaved his head, painted himself like a blue Pikmin (complete with a leaf on his head) and ate a bowl of worms and crickets, in order to win a GameCube (and assorted other prizes). He beat out a woman who ate an entire GameCube-sized block of uncooked spam. I bet she felt … unhappy after she didn't win the contest.

Other bits of lore are rather fascinating, from a historical perspective. Nintendo actually designed and patented motion controls for the GameCube.

Check out the video for more facts, including a whole bunch of dolphin related Easter eggs.

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