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Igromir 2014: Russia's biggest game expo in pictures

The annual Igromir video game convention, Russia's largest gaming expo, ran last week, sharing the 25,000-square-meter Crocus Expo center in Moscow with the World of Heroes Comic Con. Convention organizers estimate that between 140,000 and 150,000 people attended this year's show. Check out the gallery below for a tiny taste of what a Russian take on Comic-Con looks like.

Photos by Mikhail Shvetsov, Vyacheslav Uvarov, Evgeny Dal, Egor Tsyganov, Vladimir Sobolev, Viktor Zhilin, Alexander Kezin, Vladislav Bogdanov, Alexandra Denisova, Viktor Temnov, Grada Nifyodova, Anton Sinyukov and Meownauts which covered the show. You can also check out thousands more right here.

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