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More Twin Peaks, more remakes, more updates, more everything, please

There will be more Twin Peaks. It’s been confirmed.

There will also be more Ghostbusters. The response has been the typical hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing that you’re used to from the Internet: They’re going to ruin anything, the tweets say. Why go back to something that was already artistically on the wane when the plug was originally pulled, the Facebook posts argue.

Just leave it alone, the comments say. More of a good thing can be a bad thing, especially online, where we like to complain about our pop culture obsessions way more than we like to enjoy them. The possibility of more Twin Peaks already has people offended, and that's where things begin to feel silly.

Nothing is at stake

Here’s my thought: Make more of everything. I don’t care. I want more Star Wars movies. I’d love to see more Twin Peaks. If they announced that more X-Files were on the way, I’d be fine with that. A Dark Tower movie series, with or without Stephen King’s involvement? I’m crazy like that, I say go for it. Blow it out.

The reasoning is simple: We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The story goes that King used to go get his books when an interviewer said a movie had "ruined" them, to prove that the books hadn’t changed. You can’t change the source material. There will be nothing that ruins the DVDs of Twin Peaks in your media collection. The absolute worst case scenario is they make something that isn't good and we don't have to watch it. That's it. That's the cataclysm some people feel like they must avoid.

It’s fun to argue about this stuff, and older creative types revisit the series and work that made them popular in increasing numbers. Part of being a fan of pop culture is getting into conversations about its downfalls and overall worth. I’m not saying don’t argue or give your two cents, I’m saying that arguing against something being attempted is a silly stance to take. I take issue with the people saying the very act of creating more Twin Peaks is a negative.

Hell, you can always wait for reviews. If they’re bad, stay away and re-watch the original series. Nothing lost at all. If they’re good, well then guess what? You have more Twin Peaks to enjoy. There is no release that can reach into your brain and hurt your enjoyment of something you care about. There is no remake or update that can grab the content from your shelves and flush it down the toilet. The original series is safe.

You have much to gain if it goes well.

Twin Peaks is good, and it will remain good as long as we have a means to watch it. We have no idea if the new series will be enjoyable or well made, but I have a feeling with the talent involved it will at least be interesting. I don’t mind people saying they’re not going to watch, as telling people how to spend their few free hours a day is a fool’s game, but I do get salty when they argue that it's a bad move to even try to make more of a good thing.

Don’t remove the possibility of quality content because you’re scared of being let down. Your past is safe. If Hollywood makes more of something you enjoy, you might get more of something you enjoy. You might get something that fails to live up to the original in every way, but if that's the case the content is safely ignored. The risk is next to zero. The possible rewards are great.

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