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Worlds Unite in new Mega Man, Sonic crossover series

Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man's 12-part Worlds Collide series in 2013 was the biggest crossover event Archie Action history, according to the book's editor. Which explains why Archie Comics decided to do it again.

The second Sonic and Mega Man crossover, Worlds Unite, will be detailed at New York Comic Con later this week, but Paul Kaminski, executive director of editorial at Archie Comics, tells Polygon that it will be a bigger event than the original crossover.

"When the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man collided in the pages of Archie Action comics, readers, fans and retailers made it the biggest crossover event in Archie Action history," he said in a prepared statement. "That historic crossover storyline changed the comic book worlds of Sega and Capcom's iconic video game characters forever, but now an even bigger event is on the horizon. You saw what happened when worlds collided, now see what happens when Words Unite! And this time, no universe will be safe..."

The crossover, which kicks off next spring, will be written by Ian Flynn with Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante doing the art for the covers. While it's clear this crossover will be more expansive than the first, it's unclear what that exactly means. If I had to guess, I'd say it will go beyond dealing with the current, main continuity of Sonic and Mega Man Classic.

The good news is that we'll all find out more later this week.

The Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog and Megan Man panel is Thursday at 1 p.m. at New York Comic Con. Kaminski will be joined by Archie Comics president Mike Pellerito, assistant editor Vincent Lovallo, Ryan Jampole, Ben Hunzeker, Jennifer Hernandez, Jamal Peppers and Jon Gray to discuss the new crossover.


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