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Gearbox was not the target of a bomb threat

On Friday Randy Pitchford, head of developer Gearbox Software, reported on Twitter that the bomb squad was outside his office investigating a threat. Thankfully, the threat was not specifically against Gearbox or any of its employees.

David Tilley, the information officer for the Plano Police Department, says that a bomb threat was phoned in about a device in or around a car in the parking lot of the Plano Tower, where Gearbox's offices are located along with several other businesses.

"We received a tip that there was a bomb of some sort," Tilley told Polygon. "It wound up not being anything. More often than not, that's exactly the case. From what I understand the owner of the car didn't have anything to do with Gearbox. There wasn't any relationship at all, or any tie at all to anybody that we could determine as far as Gearbox was concerned."

Tilley went on to say that the reason behind the bomb threat is still unknown.

"It was just a random car out in the parking lot," he said. "There was nothing found. Absolutely nothing."

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