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'The Last Unicorn' is getting a Broadway adaptation produced by Fergie

Peter S. Beagle's famous fantasy tale The Last Unicorn is being adapted for the Broadway stage, according to Playbill.

Beagle is writing the script for the stage adaptation. The project will be produced by singer Fergie and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel. According to the report, Fergie has already created "several musical motifs" for the show, and signing of the deal for the musical is imminent.

The Last Unicorn centers around a unicorn who, believing she is the last of her kind, sets out to find what happened to the other unicorns. Along the way she gathers an eclectic crew of helpers — including an unhappy young wife, a bumbling magician and a talking butterfly. The unicorn's journey helps her to learn love, loss and regret, forever separating her emotionally from the rest of her breed.

Beagle's novel was published in 1968, with an animated film following in 1982 by production company Rankin/Bass (also known for their 1977 take on The Hobbit). The Last Unicorn was previously adapted for the stage by Beagle in 1988 with a dance-focused production for the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

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