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DriveClub is delayed for PS Plus users as servers buckle

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios is delaying the release of the racing game on PlayStation Plus in an effort to relieve issues relating to server strain, the studio announced in an update on its official Facebook page.

The PS Plus Edition was originally scheduled for release in North America yesterday alongside the game's physical launch. However, plans were shifted in the wake of servers being pushed "to their absolute limits," game director Paul Rustchuhnsky wrote.

"We are sorry if you are having a hard time getting online as we know many of you are. Please be aware that the game will automatically keep trying to connect you. Once you're online, you should have no further problems during your session," he continues.

"Everyone at the studio is now working hard to get new updates ready for the game servers to improve connectivity. We will be rolling out these updates day by day and will keep you informed."

The studio is now temporarily holding back the release of both the PS Plus Edition and the My DriveClub app, which Rustchuhnsky says should offer existing players a better chance to connect to the game's servers.

The studio will announce the eventual release of both the app and the PS Plus Edition once servers begin operating "well," he adds.

Those who pre-ordered the full game upgrade from the PS Plus Edition will still receive a full version of the game digitally. Likewise, if you aren't able to access the game online, players will still be able to get started in offline, single-player mode to earn fame and unlock cars. All actions taken in offline mode will then be synchronized with servers once connected.

DriveClub received a 7.5 out of 10 review from Polygon, which you can check out here.

"DriveClub doesn't have any one element that makes it an incredible game or a huge leap forward for the racing genre," it reads, "but it makes some smart choices underneath top-of-the-line presentation. And in embracing a social media-influenced setup to build enjoyable asynchronous multiplayer, it teaches a few important lessons other developers should learn from."

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